TouchTunes: Live Bar JukeBox

TouchTunes: Live Bar JukeBox

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TouchTunes: Live Bar JukeBox TouchTunes: Live Bar JukeBox
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TouchTunes: Live Bar JukeBox Review

The TouchTunes: Live Bar JukeBox app transforms your smartphone into a remote control for jukeboxes found in bars, restaurants, and other venues. This innovative app allows you to be the DJ of your local hangout, selecting and playing music from a vast library without ever leaving your seat. It's designed for music lovers who want to personalize their entertainment experience during a night out, bringing people together with the power of music.

What does the TouchTunes: Live Bar JukeBox app provide?

TouchTunes offers a seamless interface for users to browse through a comprehensive selection of songs, ranging from classic hits to the latest chart-toppers. Users can search for tracks, curate playlists, and even queue up songs to create the perfect atmosphere for their evening. With social features, the app also allows you to see what's playing and what has been played, giving you insight into the musical tastes of your fellow patrons.

Benefits & Features

  • Control the music in participating venues directly from your phone.
  • Access to an extensive catalog of songs across various genres.
  • Create and manage playlists for different moods or occasions.
  • Preview songs before making selections.
  • Check-in at different venues to earn rewards and badges.
  • See what's playing and view the upcoming queue.
  • Social sharing options to let friends know what you're playing.
  • Personalized user experience with song recommendations.

With TouchTunes, the power to curate the soundtrack of your night is at your fingertips. Enjoying music socially takes on a new dimension as you and your friends contribute to the ambiance of your favorite venue.


  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Broad music selection catering to diverse tastes.
  • Ability to influence the vibe of the bar or venue.
  • Social integration enhances the shared experience.


  • Dependent on venue participation; not all locations may have a compatible jukebox.
  • Credit purchase required for playing songs.
  • May have to wait in queue if many songs are lined up.
  • Potential for overuse in busy venues, leading to long wait times for song plays.

TouchTunes: Live Bar JukeBox app brings a new level of interactivity to music lovers seeking to personalize their auditory environment. Whether it's creating the perfect mood for a date or getting friends to sing along to a beloved classic, this app puts the power of the playlist in your hands. While its reliance on venue participation and paid credits may limit its use, for those who frequent establishments with TouchTunes jukeboxes, it's a game-changer. Transform your night out with the tap of a button and never sit through a lackluster playlist again.

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