The Roku App (Official)

The Roku App (Official)

Roku, Inc
The Roku App (Official) The Roku App (Official)
Roku, Inc

The Roku App (Official) Review

The Roku App (Official) transforms your smartphone or tablet into a dynamic streaming sidekick, designed to enhance your viewing experience on the Roku platform.

What are the purposes of using the The Roku App (Official) app

The Roku App serves multiple purposes, primarily aimed at augmenting and simplifying the user experience. It acts as a remote control, a streaming content guide, and a personal media assistant, allowing users to navigate their Roku device with ease, search for content across various streaming services, and even listen to TV audio privately through headphones connected to their mobile device.

What does the The Roku App (Official) app provide?

The app provides seamless access to Roku's features and settings. It offers voice search capabilities, keyboard entry for easier text input, and the ability to share personal photos, videos, and music directly on the TV from your mobile device. The Roku Channel can also be streamed right from the app, providing a wealth of free and premium content at your fingertips.

Benefits & Features

  • Remote Control Functionality: Use your mobile device as a convenient remote for your Roku player or Roku TV.
  • Private Listening: Enjoy audio through headphones connected to your mobile device without disturbing others.
  • Channel Guide: Browse and add new channels or quickly jump to favorites.
  • Voice Search: Find your desired content with simple voice commands.
  • Cast Media: Share photos, videos, and music from your phone directly to your TV.
  • Keyboard Entry: Type using your device’s keyboard for efficient searching and data entry.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Control and stream wherever you have a network connection to your Roku device.

The Roku App (Official) is an essential tool for Roku users seeking to enrich their streaming experience with easy navigation, enhanced audio opportunities, and a broadened content offering directly from their mobile device.


  • Enhances the Roku experience with additional functionalities.
  • Offers a free alternative to the physical Roku remote.
  • Facilitates private listening to avoid disturbing others.
  • Streamlines content search and selection with voice and keyboard options.
  • Personal media casting enhances the sharing experience.


  • Requires a steady Wi-Fi connection to communicate with the Roku device.
  • Some features may not be available on all Roku models or regions.
  • Private listening is dependent on the reliability of the mobile device's connection.

For users invested in the Roku ecosystem, the Roku App (Official) is a valuable addition that significantly enhances the convenience and functionality of their streaming setup. Despite some dependence on network stability and device compatibility, the app's robust feature set makes it a must-have for maximizing the Roku experience.

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